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I just returned from the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas where I introduced a concept we’ve been working on called Retail Responsive™ Design.  I was asked to be part of a panel of industry experts to talk about ways to reach customers with consistent messaging across digital platforms, from online to in-store. This was the perfect opportunity to announce what I believe will revolutionize the way brands connect with their retail customers.

The Challenges

I talked about the challenges that my clients face with delivering their brand content to the retail space.  I know they’d love to be able to put promotions, customer testimonials, and helpful product information in front of customers, but the barriers to entry are high. With 76% of purchase decisions (and 60% of brand ‘switch’ decisions) being made at shelf edge, brands know they need to be there, but most aren’t.

Creating retail-specific content is not something most brands are setup to do and budgets are being trimmed each year. Further, there aren’t any universal standards around hardware or software which makes logistical coordination between brands and retailers difficult. Retail Responsive™ Design presents a simple but powerful solution.

The Solution

As the problem became clearer to us, the solution became just as clear — use the content they’ve already developed, vetted and deployed on their Web site in the retail space. That’s how we developed the idea for Retail Responsive™ Design. It’s an ultra efficient way of delivering relevant and approved content to retailers with web-enabled screens.

For years, we’ve been creating mobile responsive sites to make websites smaller for handheld devices. Retail Responsive™ Design does the opposite, it goes bigger, adapting the web page for the larger screen size. No special software or hardware is required. All that’s required is a screen and an internet connection.

With Retail Responsive™, brands, regardless of their size or budget, can deploy real-time product announcements, promotions, contests, customer reviews, flash sales all from a single website. Retailers can display the web pages in-store on rotation, using one of the available URL rotator tools.

Simplifying the way brands deliver content to retail removes a huge barrier and gets us well on our way to offering a much richer customer experience.

Interested? Let’s talk about how we can make your brand retail responsive. Email me at

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