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ARE YOUR USERS FILING THE SAME SUPPORT ISSUES or complaining about the outdated look of your web site? Let’s make your design a competitive advantage, not an afterthought. In this audit, I’ll take a fresh professional look at your web site, determine critical design flaws, and put together an actionable plan for improving your UI/UX.

Are you experiencing any of these design-related problems in your business?

  • Users can’t grasp your basic functionality and keep submitting the same support issues.
  • Free accounts don’t convert to paid nearly as often as you would like.
  • You hate wasting your time to manually walk each new user through your web app.
  • Customers keep complaining about outdated or complicated design.
  • You keep adding new features as requested by users, but that makes your UI look cluttered, and you drift further and further away from that simple and focused product you dream to have.

“I wasn’t able to find… How can I do…?” You send them to the help articles and walk-through videos, but deep down you know that this needs to stop. Users deserve a better experience. Will they churn because they can’t get things done?

Excellent UI/UX is a competitive advantage. Bad, thoughtless UI/UX is a bottleneck in your business. But where exactly is the problem? How do you find it? There’s not enough time in your day to read all the books and articles you need to get up to speed on UI/UX. Here’s a helpful hint from one entrepreneur to another: Your opinion is biased — you can’t objectively judge your own product.

Your product needs a fresh professional eye

As a UI/UX consultant, I’ve been helping businesses for years, from CPG to B2B. Recently I developed The UI Audit method by collecting and systematizing common design problems on Web sites. 

This packaged version is your unique chance to hire me directly to audit your site. Here’s what I’ll do:

  • define your marketing/site strategy and make sure your UI/UX aligns with it and reinforces key customer tasks;
  • identify critical usability flaws in your Web site;
  • look for small wins that can instantly improve user experience;
  • provide guidance for visual style, color and typography.

You should consider using this service if…

  • You run an established business.
  • You have a solid stream of revenue and you think it can do much better.
  • You have high demands in terms of design, but don’t know how to get there with your product.
  • Your team’s vision is “blurry” because you’ve been working on the same product too long.
  • You prefer to be informed about your UI/UX issues, rather than live in the shell of blissful ignorance.
  • You appreciate objective, well-reasoned feedback on your product.

What are the deliverables?

The ultimate deliverable is a comprehensive, actionable evaluation of your Web site presented as a PDF report. The report contains insight and commentary on the key screens of your site, including:

  • thoughts on your site/market fit (how UI/UX can fit your value proposition in the best way);
  • recommendations for keeping your web site simple and focused;
  • optimization ideas to better facilitate user’s key tasks;
  • onboarding suggestions;
  • recommendations on visual style, typography & color;
  • general usability considerations;

Will you review all screens in my web site?

As you know, web sites come in all shapes and sizes. I’m not familiar with yours yet, so I can’t say. If you have a huge number of screens, I won’t cover all of them, just 5–7 key screens that provide the most important user experience.

But what are these key screens? I determine that myself, but usually it’s rather obvious where we should focus.

How much does the UI audit cost? How long will it take?

The Basic Package currently costs $2,795. You’ll receive an actionable audit report described above (15-20 pages).

The Premium Package costs $5,495 and includes actual design work (redesign of key screens and a complimentary style guide). This is what most clients request after conducting their audits. Not sure about this yet? You’re welcome to upgrade any time.

The UI/UX Audit takes roughly 2 weeks from the signing of the proposal. The Premium Package can take an additional 2 weeks to deliver the designs and graphical style guide.

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