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what you can't do, teach

MY ABILITY TO RELATE TO AUDIENCES on various topics such as design, design management and Web design comes directly from my experience as a design professional. The ideas and tactics that I speak about are first-hand accounts of my search for workable solutions. My goal as a speaker is to give the audience the tools they need to deconstruct any problem so they can create a workable methodology of their own.

“It is not just your knowledge of the subject that makes you special, but it is your uncanny ability to interact and converse with students of all ages in order to get your message heard.”
– SASD Student

I am an experienced college-level professor with the ability to inspire and motivate students at any level. I have excellent curriculum development and planning skills and experience with assignment writing and lecturing for design and business classes.

HOW Design Conference
Chicago, IL

A Day in the Life Conference
Baltimore, MD

Conn:Creatives Event
New Haven, CT

Type Directors Club (Salon)
New York, NY

Connecticut Art Directors Club
Bridgeport CT

HOW Interactive Design Conference East
Washington, DC

Making the Leap: From Print to Web

Understanding Design Management

The Principles of Information Architecture

Understanding Web Typography

Running a Small Design Agency

This video of me presenting on the subject of Information Architecture at the HOW Interactive Conference currently has 14K views.

I am the author of the graduate Design Management program at the University of Bridgeport. In this video, I speak about what students can expect when the join the program.

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